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Until recently many people argued over whether or not global warming was happening, and if it was, what was the cause of it.  Now most scientist agree that it really is happening and that a lot of the changes they have recorded have happened because of us - humans.

It is affecting us in many ways that we can see and feel - heat waves, droughts, flooding, storms, decrease in crop yields, rising sea levels, to list a few... why are these things happening, and what can we do about it?

Well this book was written with the intention to help the reader

learn and understand the serious environmental issues we are facing such as global warming.  The reader will also learn about plastic pollution and how it adversely affects wildlife,

wildlife habitat and humans.

As a solution to help alleviate these global environmental issues,

the reader will learn about and how-to -recycle, reduce and reuse.

The aim of the book is to help children

become more aware of the current environmental issues we are facing globally.  

The book was written in a story format rather than a text book style,

to make this difficult topic more simple and easy to understand and follow.

The Book on Display-Rosy & Friends learn about Climate Change, Global Warming, Plastic Pollution & 3R's
Front cover of the book - Rosy & Friends Learn about Climate Change, Global Waming, Plastic Pollutin & the Three R's


This book is helping teach children about pollution, global warming and the 3 R's.  The book was a nice story, but made me sad to learn about how we are harming mother earth.  Now I know, how to save sea animals and help mother earth get better.  I'm going to stop using so much plastic items.  I'm going to tell my friends about the 3 R's.

Shivika Haridas - 7 years old - Grade 2.

Beautiful written book that explains to children the impact we have on our environment.  As a mother I loved that the book made learning fun and was easily understood by my children.  Left my children eager to start the 3 R's.

Yajnaa Haridas - Mother of 3 children

Planet earth is our home and we must all take care of it.  It is our duty.  Everything we need comes from the earth.  The temperature of the earth is getting hotter. This is global warming.  Tress are being cut down to build houses, factories and cars.  Trees breathe in carbon di oxide and give us oxygen.  Lots of chemicals in the air, that we breath in.  Bottles, toys, packets are made of plastic.  These pollute the earth and takes years to get rid of.  They land up in the sea.  The kill the animals in the sea.  Don't buy plastic bags, use cloth bags, when shopping. 

Cloth bags can be re-used.

Reduce the use of plastic.

Recycle whatever you can.

 Seshin Govender - 10 years old - Grade 5

Review Letter from a 10 year old boy

I personally think this book is spectacular, which has many lessons to learn.  This book has inspired me to reduce, reuse and recycle as we are hurting mother earth after all she has given to us.  I recommend this book to all ages (boys and girls) as i believe it will inspire them to do their bit for the environment.

Siddarth Haridas - 11 years old

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